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Introduction of UV color painting MDF board


Decorating your room with sliding UV color painting board  

A comfortable house can release yourself from work and make you happy. A sliding UV color painting door between your sitting room and kitchen room make your house looks beautiful. There are several series for your selection:

– If you love flowers, you may choose flower pattern, from ZH-MA001 to MA015, ZH-A001 to A232, such as sunflower, orchid, peony, violet;

– If you are abstractionist, you may choose from ZH-MC001 to ZH-MC006, ZH-C001 to ZH-C100;

– If you like Carton story, you may choose carton series, from ZH-B001 to MB013, ZH-B001 to B256, and each of picture will tell you story;

– If you are fond of landscape, you can choose landscape series, from ZH-MD001, ZH-D001 to D042;

– If you are keen on fashion design, you would select from Fashion series, from ZH204 to 432



Beautifying Your Kitchen Cabinet with UV color painting board


Why do you choose this kind of UV color painting board as Cabinet door?

–          Special feature: water-proof, fire-proof, scratch-resistant, high glossy, slit-resistant, bacterium resistant

–          Beautiful painting pattern will bring you a happy mood in kitchen, you enjoy your meal-making.


How is this kind of UV color painting board manufactured?

0. Material :  E1 MDF (middle fiber board)

1.Pasting Melamine on two side of MDF and high-pressing

2.  Dust cleaning

  1. roll-pressing primer
  2. UV light-curring
  3. roll-pressing primer
  4. UV light-curring
  5. color painting
  6. UV light-curring
  7. Sliver Sparkling (If needed)
  8. color painting 1,2,3,4
  9. Color pattern drawing
  10. Surface coating painting 1
  11. Surface coating painting 2
  12. UV light-curring
  13. High glossy surface coat painting
  14. three lights curring
  15. quality inspection
  16. plastic film pasting on surface
  17. packing:

two boards be one set, face to face, and a PE foam will put between two boards. 

Four angles are wrapped by PE.

Piling up:

    50pcs/a pile with plastic film and a top protecting panel and a bottom protecing panel.

  1. Loading container

          Size: 2440*1220*18mm 450 pcs / 20′ container   Nw: 40Kg/pcs  Gw: 41Kg/pcs   24.12CBM
Size: 2440*1220*9mm   900pcs/20′ container   Nw:20Kg/pcs  Gw: 20.5Kg/pcs  12.06CBM

If the door is customized as client’s requirement which size is not standard, it needs to be

split and polished and packed by carton box.


 There are three acessories for wrapping board edge.

–          Alum edging band

–          PVC edging band

–          Acrylic edging band

As wholesales and distributor, you can customize UV color painting board for mass production.

–          First, you select board background from our color card box

–          Then, you choose pattern

As retailer, you can choose your favorite pattern from our catalogue and buy from our wholesalers in your local place. If you like our products, please introduce our products to your local building material or house decorating wholesales.

Feel free to contact me if there is of any assistance.

Thanks & best regards,

Jane Song


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Earth Protection

There is no more important thing than Earth Protection in present. We just heard of an earthquake in south and then heard of a volcanic eruption in north, and a arid in the west and a typoon in the east, and a flood in the middle. What make these suffering happen?

Nature resource is the gift from God given to human being. Abusing resource get the global environment worse and worse.

Let us love the earth where we live and protect the environment and preserve the limited resource together.

What We Can Do To Protect the Environment

 We will first discuss maintaining outer ecological balance. There are two ways to protect the environment: treasure life and conserve resources. To raise the quality of life we should promote protection of all living beings, especially prevent animals from being killed. And we should also treasure plant life, even a blade of grass is vital because it purifies the air we breathe.

 In addition to treasuring life, we can protect the environment by conserving resources. To save our earth, we must reduce the consumption of natural resources. There are many things we can do with minimal effort: take shorter showers, do not litter, and reduce the amount of trash we produce, set your air conditioner to a higher temperature, use energy-saving light bulbs or fixtures. Instead of using disposable paper plates and plastic utensils, we can use reusable ones. Another way to conserve resources is to recycle. We can recycle paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass jars, bring your own shopping bags when shopping, choose durable and fuel efficient tires, buy and use more recycled materials.

In addition to protecting the physical environment, we have to take good care of our internal spiritual environment.